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About Falcon Gaming

Falcon Gaming is a graphic studio creating game designs used for the worldwide casino market. 

Falcon has been involved in casino game design since 2000 and over the  years the company

has developed games for the leading casino gaming operators in Europe. 


What sets us apart, besides amazing graphics, style and animation, are our

short design times. And we are also proud to hear from our clients, that games containing our

graphic designs are top performers on the market.



Game Design

We offer graphic game packages including 3d graphics and animation as well 

as all marketing files, glass design and all other needed files.

Game design is an art which requires passion and skills. 


At Falcon Gaming we continuously push the boundaries keeping up with the

changes in market trends and cultures. Every game is fine tuned with attention to every detail

for our clients special needs. OUR DESIGN IS YOUR SUCCESS!



Rene Truber

Managing Director / Founder

Designer since 1990

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